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2nd Grade ICT & General Ed.

Name: Ms. Melissa (Mimi) Stein

Position: Teacher, 2nd Grade Team, Special Ed.

Hometown: I grew up in Chappaqua in Westchester but now my family and I live in Brooklyn.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Wheaton College and Master’s Degree in Special and General Education, birth through 2nd grade, from Fordham University


Years as an educator: 19


Why are you an educator? I’m passionate about teaching kids how to read and write. And, I love to watch them grow.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? At STAR Academy kids are very eager to learn. The parents are really supportive of the teachers.


Life outside school: My husband and I have a baby at home. We love taking him to new restaurants and teaching him new activities.

Name: Ms. Lindsay Ferrone


Position: Teacher, 2nd grade Team, General Ed. 


Hometown: I grew up in Queens, NY, and now live in Manhattan.


Education: Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from State University of NY at Albany and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (Birth to Second Grade) from Hunter College/CUNY


Years as an educator: 13


Why are you an educator? Educators have a very meaningful and fulfilling profession. I hope to always inspire and support my students.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? STAR Academy is a nurturing environment that promotes student inquiry, empowerment, diversity, and perseverance.


Life outside school: When I’m not in the classroom, I love to cook, ski, travel, and explore the Big Apple.



Name: Ms. Lauren Isaacs

Position: Teacher, 2nd grade Team, General Ed.

Hometown:  I grew up in Brooklyn. Now I live in Brooklyn and I plan to stay in Brooklyn!               


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Berkeley College   and Master’s degree in Early Childhood Urban Education from Long Island University.


Years as an educator: 9


Why are you an educator? I love children and enjoy watching them learn, master and apply new concepts. There is something especially fascinating and rewarding about teaching the first grade because that’s where many students take off reading.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? At STAR Academy the school culture feels like a family. Most students are friends and are always ready to help one another. The staff collaborates to ensure the success of each student. There is a genuine feeling of love at STAR Academy.


Life outside school: I enjoy traveling, going to the beach, reading, roller blading, biking and dancing. I find something naturally calming about the ocean so I spend lots of time on the beach.  




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