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Name: Ms. Sabrina Faust


Position: Teacher, 4th Grade Team, Special Ed.


Hometown: I grew up in Long Island, New York. Now I live in New York City.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from SUNY Oneonta and Master’s Degree in Special Education from Relay Graduate School of Education.


Years as an educator: 7


Why are you an educator? I love the contagious excitement and energy in a classroom where students are constantly exploring and growing. I am passionate about working to meet the needs of each of my students in creative ways so that they may all achieve their goals.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? STAR Academy’s teachers and staff use the community around them and each other to provide the best possible education for each and every individual student in their school. They work together to meet each child’s needs in creative ways and ensure every student feels supported.


Life outside school: I love to explore NYC and travel with my friends and family. I also love to read, and take creative writing classes to work on my novel!



Name: Ms. Ayana Goldman


Position: Teacher, 4th Grade Team, General Ed.


Hometown: I'm a 4th generation resident of the Lower East Side.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Clark University and Master's Degree in Education from Clark University.


Years as an educator: 18


Why are you an educator? I'm passionate about improving public urban education.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? One of the best qualities is the ratio of teachers to students. It's highly supportive of their social-emotional and academic needs.


Life outside school: I love dancing and music and I wish I did more of both. I love introducing my husband, who is from Ghana, to all New York has to offer.



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