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STAR Academy is an inclusive and diverse community where all learners' strengths are valued so that they are empowered to think critically about equity and access with the vision of becoming engaged change-makers and advocates for social justice. We implement culturally responsive practices and anti-racist curriculum.




  • Units are designed to bring in multiple perspectives and think critically about history and patterns

  • Classroom libraries represent the diversity in our world

  • Lessons help students develop identity and empathy for those that are different from them

  • Social action projects are integrated into units of study

  • Partnership with NYU Metropolitan Center on Equity and the Transformation of Schools


  • Student choice built into units 

  • Curriculum is designed to have students learn authentically as authors, readers, mathematicians, historians, and scientists (no textbooks or workbooks here!)

  • Students have class and school jobs to have a voice in school community such as emcees at school assemblies, newscasters, and EMTs

  • Creativity nurtured through music, PE, art, dance, and grade-level specialized programming such as 2nd grade swim and 5th grade screenwriting



  • Two teachers in most classrooms support diverse learners through flexible grouping

  • Students receive support or enrichment they need (e.g. cross-grade grouping for literacy)

  • Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Guidance Counseling, English as a New Language, and family support services offered on-site during the school day


  • There is a dedicated time each week school-wide for teaching social-emotional skills that build from 3K-5th grade to support students in becoming independent problem-solvers

  • Each classroom has a feelings chart that help students identify and regulate their emotions

  • Students build awareness of their social-emotional skill-set through reflection and goal setting

  • STAR language (self-managed, team-player, accountable, respectful) is embedded into school-wide expectations and lessons

Equity Case Study

A case study done by DOE's Office of Teaching and Learning that highlights how STAR Academy has shifted its teaching practice

CREATES School Profile

 Learn about how STAR Academy's Equity team and partnership with NYU created Culturally Responsive Environments Attaining Transformative and Equitable Solutions

Expanded Success Initiative (ESI) Video

Hear from the voices of STAR students, teachers and administration about the importance of anti-racist practices and what it looks like

NYU Metrocenter's 

Decolonizing Education Conference

STAR Academy staff facilitated a workshop entitled "Radical Revisions: Looking at our Curriculum & Lessons with a CRE (Culturally Responsive Education) & an Anti-Racist Lens"


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