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We need your help today to continue the programs that make STAR Academy - PS 63 SHINE

Why Contribute?

Every year, our budget is cut. We are asked to do more, with far less. We are left with fewer and fewer dollars to spend towards programming we know is important to our students and families. If you, family, friends or companies you know want to support our programming there are a few ways to make tax-deductible donations.


Here is an example of some of our costs and some ideas of how to donate:  

  • Full Time Art, Music an Physical Education teacher: $150,000

  • Library: $50,000

  • Technology- Computers, Smartboards, Printers, Laptops- $15,000

  • Classroom essentials for teachers (markers, paper, chart paper): $5,000

  • Family Fun Events (Ice Skating, STAR Week, 5th grade overnight field trip): $4,500

  • Substitute teachers so our teachers can attend Professional Development - $5,000

  • Student trip subsidies: $3,000

  • Supplementary math and science programming: $8,000

  • Staff Development: $35,000+

  • Recess supplies: $300


...and much more.

Many thanks to ALL of our families for their many contributions to the school!

$10 a month

$20 a month

$25 a month

$35 a month

One time donation

STAR Academy PTA, 121 East 3rd Street, New York NY 10009, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit EIN 47-5531354.
All donations are 100% tax deductible.
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Our teachers are constantly advocating for the needs of their children and thinking of creative ways to get classroom supplies with dwindling school budgets. In the past few years, they have received a total of $21,000. 

Teachers often write grants for items that their children need and share them widely via Donors Choose. Click the link above to see how you can help with what they need! You can make a tax-deductible donation of any amount towards the projects they post. Please also share links to them on your social media.

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