Guidance Counselor



Name: Ms. Jamie Goldstein


Position: Guidance Counselor


Hometown: I grew up in Dix Hills, Long Island, but now I live in Manhattan.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Elementary Education from University of Michigan and a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Alfred University


Years as an educator: 16


Why are you an educator? I love kids. I want to develop and guide our future.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? I think we have a strong community that is safe and supportive for everybody.  I think we go out of our way to support every type of learner to make them successful as students.


Life outside school: I love dancing and taking dance and other kinds of workout classes. I like to spend time with my friends and family. We do all kinds of activities, like bowling, seeing movies and exploring New York City.



English as a New Language

Name:  Mr. Martin Perl


Position: English as a New Language (ENL) and Reading Recovery teacher, Testing Coordinator


Hometown: Born in NYC and raised in New Jersey.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts from Penn State and Master’s Degrees in Media from The New School University and Education from Fordham University


Years as an educator: 20


Why are you an educator? I’m a teacher because it’s a joy to help students learn.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? Collegiality is one of our best qualities. We have a passionate staff that cares deeply about student success.


Life outside school: I love worldwide travel.

Name: Ms. Sarah Whitney


Position: School Nurse


Hometown: I was born in Alaska and grew up in Missouri. I now live all the way uptown in Manhattan.


Education: Bachelor’s Degrees in biology from Washington University in St. Louis and Nursing from Columbia University


Years in education: 9


Why are you in education? I love working with children. I’m passionate about keeping kids healthy and safe in school.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? I feel like all the staff care about and love the kids.


Life outside school: I like travelling the world. I bike sometimes to work (13 miles each way). I read A LOT. And, I enjoy hiking.

School Secretary

Screen Shot 2020-08-09 at 2.12.46 PM.png

Name:  Ms. Tanya Engram-Edwards


Position: School Secretary


Hometown: I was born and raised in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and I still reside there.


Education: Associate's Degree in Business Management from Eastern Gateway Community College.


Years in education: 23


Why are you in education? I'm in education because I love children. I work in the main office but I do not limit myself to the office. I love to go to classrooms and see the children. They have so much to offer. They are so full of life and an absolute joy to be around.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? I feel a sense of community.


Life outside school: I love spending time with my son and my husband. I love to walk in the park! 

PareNT COordinator