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STAR Academy uses ClassDojo to communicate with families. ClassDojo is a communication app for the classroom. It connects teachers and families who use it to share photos, videos, and messages throughout the school day.  It's the easiest way to see how your child is doing and to get in touch with teachers.

STAR Academy would like all families to sign up for ClassDojo.  You can use it on any device: It is a simple, free app for Apple and Android cellphones and devices, and can also be used from any computer at  Only teachers of a student’s class and families connected to a particular class can see a class's ClassDojo postings. ClassDojo also allows families and teachers to privately message each other.

ClassDojo is used by 1 in 2 schools and is the most popular classroom management app in the U.S.  ClassDojo is fully COPPA-compliant (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). ClassDojo never sells or rents  information to anyone including advertisers.  Teachers, parents, and students can access, modify and delete their information whenever they want to. They are also free to choose to discontinue use of ClassDojo anytime.

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