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Early ChildHooD: 3K & PreK

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Name: Ms. Andreina Rodriguez


Position: Teacher, 3K


Hometown: I grew up in, and also now live in, Manhattan, (New York City).


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Hunter  College/CUNY and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College/CUNY


Years as an educator: 10


Why are you an educator?  I always knew that I would have a career in human services because I always felt that I could connect with people and enjoyed providing support. In education I found that I could build important relationships of support and advocacy for families and children. As an educator you can get to know students and families and help them achieve goals that support them through their entire academic education and sometimes make an impact on the rest of their lives. I especially enjoy early childhood education because every experience is a learning experience during these years and as a teacher you get to see the learning and development daily and experience the joy of young children exploring and expanding their world.


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? 

STAR Academy’s best qualities are that they are a small community of families and educators that are committed to the education and social emotional well-being of their students. At STAR Academy students are encouraged to create their own learning and to develop as individuals in a supportive environment. These qualities make STAR Academy a wonderful place for students and educators to grow and develop.

Life outside school: Outside of school I have 2 daughters. Amelia is 12 years old, and Abigail is 8 years old. We love to bake together, play board games and watch movies. I also enjoy reading fiction novels and trying new foods. I recently tried Ethiopian food and it was delicious.

Name: Ms. Stacey Guadalupe


Position: Teacher, PreK 


Hometown: I grew up in Queens and I live now in New Jersey.


Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Art History from Queens College/CUNY and Master’s Degree in Elementary & Early Childhood Education from Hunter College/CUNY


Years as an educator: 28


Why are you an educator? Teaching is a profession that nourishes you emotionally, intellectually and creatively. As an early childhood teacher I laugh and smile a lot (much more than the average New Yorker does at their job I bet).


What are STAR Academy’s best qualities? The small school size fosters a familiarity and a network of support for students, families and staff, that I know sets us apart from other schools.


Life outside school: I love food, the arts, and travel (and I am fortunate that I have been able to visit more than 30 countries which has allowed me to indulge in all of this).

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