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You’re here! You’ve taken a shine to us! Or at least, we hope you will once you get to know what we’re all about. Welcome to the first ever blog created to celebrate the culture, community, and events here at STAR Academy (P.S. 63)! If you’ve made it this far, you’ve gotten a look at our newly redesigned website, created by one of our incredible parents. 

So what can you expect out of this blog? Recaps of amazing moments in and outside the walls of our school, insight into our student clubs, parent organizations, classrooms, and incredible leadership,  and an overall understanding of what our unique vision for education is. We realize what a monumental choice it is to send your child to one institution over another, so we want to reveal everything we’re about. 

Here at STAR Academy, we are committed to evolving, improving, and constantly growing our services, scope, and offerings— not just for our students but for the families they go home to at the end of the day as well. 

There is so much to discover about where we're going and where we've been, and we'd love for you to become a part of our story! Stay tuned to this blog to see how we engage the minds and hearts of the community we are privileged to serve. 


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